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Welcome to

Located a few minutes from Paris, we will enjoy introducing you our Cavaliers. Passeriphane has always been breeding in a familiy way. Our Cavaliers are joyful, affectionate, good with children and non aggressive with other animals. Cavaliers used to be King Charles II favorites, and they remain "Royal dogs". They enjoy beeing with you. This is the way they want to live : with you

They enjoy long country walk, but they will be satisfied with a short run. They like sleeping by the fire or on the bed as well : with you. The cavalier is a little dog easy to live with.

There are 4 colours in cavaliers :

      - Blenheim (chest nut and white)
      - Black and tan (black with tan markings on on the side of the muzzle, inside the ears)
      - Ruby (whole-colored rich red)
      - Tricolours (black and white with tan eyebrows, tan under tail)
Thanks for visiting our site! We hope to see you very soon!
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